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Originally Posted by shift@red View Post
Looks are subjective but the 911 IS a great looking car. If it wasnt, they would be able to sell the same car with minor tweeks for 50 years running.
True looks can be subjective. But a R8 looks much better than a 911 turbo. Sure there may be some who prefer the 911's look because it's a non-flashy car, and I agree with you I like that... hence why I bought a M3. But I think 8/10 people would say the r8 looks better, and probably 9/10 that an Aston Martin Vanquish looks better. I find the 911 turbo to be the ugliest 'super car'.

Though I like cars more than women, but lets compare two of the characters in Black Swan. To me the 911 is Natale Portman ... refined, beautiful in her own right. Mila Kunis is the r8 or aston... you want to fuck the shit out of her all day long. Fair enough?