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Originally Posted by adc View Post
Actually, it is IMO.

You're mixing issues from different models or model ranges which makes no sense. If you refer to the HPFP then you cannot put "bad gas mileage" in the same sentence. HPFP doesn't have its place when talking about the M3 range - neither does "heavy cars" come to think of it since it weighs the same as the Mustang.

Personally, at any price point there will be a BMW model (new or used) that I would pick over any Ford model. It's not snobbery, I simply like the way BMW's drive more than I like the way Fords drive. For instance, I'd buy a used 135i over any new or used Mustang. A used E46 ZHP convertible over a used Mustang GT convertible, and so on.

Nothing wrong with being a Ford lover - just grow some thick skin if you hang around M3 forums all day.
I also would prefer a bmw over a ford, but that doesn't mean ford makes horrible cars, and bmw makes the best cars, which is what I was trying to make a point against.
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