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>>HP Autowerks<< Get Your MOTON 2-Way Pro Dampers Here!

Motons are the choice of the pros, including the BMW factory teams in Europe and the US, with features that consistently put them in the winner's circle. The Moton 2-Way Pro Dampers have many of the features that have brought the Motorsport damper line praise but packaged with more durable seals/components so that this set up is streetable as well.

Features include:

*Damping characteristics are controlled precisely by controlling flow through small holes instead of forcing past traditional shim-stacks

*Large range of adjustment - this means you don't need to revalve for spring changes

*Non-preloaded valve stack - smoother response without becoming harsh

*Swivel remote canister fittings - allows easier mounting of remote canisters

*Blow-off valve system - blows off with big impacts for more grip in demanding conditions

*Large piston rod diameter - more fluid displacement gives better low speed damper control

*Maximum fluid displacement - responds to small amounts of travel for today's low travel suspensions

*Adjustable gas pressure - affect total weight transfer, allowing the use of lighter spring rates without changing damping characteristics

*Damper bodies produced from the highest quality steel or aluminum, application dependant

*Double Adjustable - 15 positions of bump adjustment on the remote reservoir and 15 positions in rebound on top of the piston rod. Each adjustment done to the damper (each click) is very noticeable to the driver.

*Dampers are designed to perform at both low and high piston velocities, giving you total control regardless of the conditions. This is the workhorse damper and due to larger production volumes of parts now shared with the

*Moton non-remote Street Sport line, cost on these dampers has come down as much as 35%, making these dampers an incredible value.

Camber plates are required with Motons on the M3.

Kit Includes:

-Moton 2-Way Pro Adjustable Dampers (compression and rebound)
-Quick Disconnects Front
-Vorshlag Adjustable Camber Plates
-Swift Linear Rate Springs
-Rear Height Adjusters
-Swift Thrust Sheets
-Adjuster Wrenches

If you select helper springs as an option, it adds helper springs on all four corners of the cars. In the front it keeps the spring from moving around when the shock is unloaded and prevents damage to the thrust sheets. In the rear, the helper springs allow the user to change out the springs very quickly without the use of spanner wrenches or unbolting the rear damper.

Complete Kit: $5,916.47

Dampers Only: $4,860.00

There is up to a 6-8 week lead time on MOTONs.

We are located in Santa Barbara, CA but we ship worldwide and have many satisfied customers around the globe. Please shoot us an email or give us a call and we are more than happy to help you.


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