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Originally Posted by erhanh View Post
I don't understand the hate towards this car (or any other car other than BMW)... I wouldn't buy one myself, because I don't like the body style, the ones I drove didn't have good feel etc... But the credit is due where it is due... It is a freaking fast car.. I wish BMW was as good as we make it sound.. but it isn't. It makes heavy cars, doesn't put proper brakes (not even ducting in a car like M3), gets bad mileage, reliability issues if you want decent mileage (hpfp)...
I hear ya...I'm not a "hater" of the Mustang...just would not drive one as I think the interior, styling and road feel of most all american cars is very, very very subpar.....sadly. Unlike others, I am not drinking the BMW "koolaid," however, I have owned 5 previously, including three M cars, and have never had one problem.