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Premier Protective Films

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911 Black Edition - clear bra, nano tint, and windshield protection

Another one tastefully done by our team in Northern California. Customer decided to come in for a custom fully wrapped front end + doors to protect the vehicle from daily wear and tear. After seeing the performance and clarity of Diamond Fusion windshield protection film, our client also decided to protect the windshield from road debris.

Just a few things to note for those in search of paint protection film application

1. Film - the product is quite important when it comes to visibility. There is a host of manufacturers on the market, and the product we use is from Prestige Film Technologies

2. Installer - the most important of all. In the past few years, this industry has seen its fair share of high turnover. As we have been installing paint protection film since 1997, we have seen many installers / companies come and go. It takes several years to become proficient in this type of application and many more years after that to become a master. Without the right installer, the film is just film.

3. Precut vs. Custom - like #2 above, it is all about the installer. The inexperienced "custom" installer can make the application look much worst than an experienced precut installer. However, if we are comparing apples to apples in terms of experience, custom installations would make the install more "invisible".

4. Coverage - Cover the entire panel to avoid having wax and polish collect on the edges. Custom app + full panel wraps would bring about the most seamless / clearest paint protection film results possible.