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Originally Posted by rdollie View Post
I bought an extended maintenance plan for the '09 M3 DCT sedan I bought a week ago at a BMW dealer. At the time they showed me a sheet with a price of about $4,800 but said if I bought it with the car I could get a deal valid that day only at $3,800 so like a sucker I bought it. Only the next day after I got home and was looking at details online did I find you could actually price this plan directly on BMW's website and the price is $3,295!!! So yes, they were honest - the sucker price only applied for that particular day as they knew after that point nobody could be fooled into that price again!!!!

Now I have to wonder if the prices they showed me for typical repairs (e.g., brake jobs, oil changes, etc.) were also inflated to convince me I needed the plan in the first place...
Fyi, the price BMW lists is just their recommended price for Extended Maintenance. You can't buy it (or anything else in the Accessories tab) directly from BMW and dealers are free to charge more or less than those accessory numbers. You still might have gotten suckered in (not sure since I haven't priced it, but sorry if you were!) but I just wanted to mention that.
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