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Originally Posted by NFAM3 View Post
I do use iTunes. But how do I get my recorded videos that are in my photo album in my phone into the video folder so I can view them in my car?
Connect your phone to your computer, copy the video files off of it (or drag them out of your iPhoto library onto your desktop if you're on a Mac and they were auto-imported, which will create a copy there), then go to iTunes > Movies, then to to File > Add file to Library and select them.

But honestly, are the videos you shot on your phone really worth watching in your car?? I personally can't see the use for video playback at all. It only works when the car is stopped and the handbrake is on anyway -- how much time will you be spending sitting in your car like that? The only thing I use BMW Apps for is iDrive-controlled Pandora.
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