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Originally Posted by Murderface View Post
My friend recently got a new Mustang GT with the 5.0l engine. I offered to let him test drive my M3 if I could have a go in his Mustang and he agreed. My impressions? Obviously the interior is not contest in favor of the M3. The car feels heavier and more softly sprung, though I am not sure my friend has the track package on his car (he is older and I don't think he likes the idea of super stiff suspension on a car that will never see a track). The engine was definitely not as free-revving as the V8 in the M3 but I can tell it has gumption. I only wish he had waited for the Boss 302 to come out, I'd really like to sample that engine compared to the one in the M3.

Overall, it feels a bit more like a boulevard cruiser than I would have liked but then again, I wasn't running my friend's cold engine at 10/10s. My favorite part? The fact that you can get one of these for little more than half the cost of a nicely equipped M3.

Long live affordable American V8's!
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