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Originally Posted by m3convertdriver View Post
re bugaboo stroller, i hate it, but wife made point of "how can you get yourself a m3 and not get your son the best stroller?" duh, the answer is he's 3 months old, but I pick the battles I want to fight and it just didnt work in the e93. Frankly, id be surprised if fit in an e90, but either way, didnt work.
Ok, this isn't, but ...

Equating cost with quality is a big mistake. Bugaboos are for being seen with. Maclarens are actually good for using as a stroller for your kid (remind you of someone's favorite car maker?). First off, the Maclarens are incredibly light. They have a model that weighs 10 lbs (probably less than your kid). Bugaboo models weigh 20 lbs or more. For a while you're pushing more stroller than kid. Maclaren's 5-second 1-hand fold claim is no joke. And they fold down into a easy to one-hand carry package. A Bugaboo doesn't fold for crap.

I hope you didn't get the X5 just to fit the Bugaboo. Because you know that in 6 months your wife's going to switch to a Maclaren and you'll be kicking yourself.

... but, I hear ya about picking your battles. Good luck with the new car and kid