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Originally Posted by Lotus7 View Post
Although I truly enjoyed watching it, I thought that much of the negative treatment of Alain Prost and Jean-Marie Balestre was somewhat biased. The scene with Jacky Stuart (someone who has done more for improving F1 safety than anyone else in history) was somewhat insulting and arrogant on Senna’s part (IMHO).
Except the fact that the 'safety' you're talking about came too-little-too-late for Senna, who was canvassing for change MUCH earlier. He unnecessarily paid the ultimate price for the betterment of this sport. I'm not so quick to blow wind up the skirt of guys like Balestre and Briatore like so many others are. (Hell, even F. Williams... Where'd the black box go from Senna's car? Oh yeah, he tucked it under his wheelchair and booked it). They are/were the dark players and don't deserve adulation. (IMHO)