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Saw SENNA today (theater version 90-minutes). Itís an interesting character study. Obviously it portrays him in a very heroic way. Although I truly enjoyed watching it, I thought that much of the negative treatment of Alain Prost and Jean-Marie Balestre was somewhat biased. The scene with Jacky Stuart (someone who has done more for improving F1 safety than anyone else in history) was somewhat insulting and arrogant on Sennaís part (IMHO). The film also portrayed Ayrton Senna as initially very naive in regard to F1 politics, which, in fact he certainly was not.

Would have liked to see even more race coverage in place of the many shots of Ayrton riding on small pleasure boats, although I can understand why they were included.

I was relieved to find that the film treated Sennaís unfortunate death with great respect and completely shunned any sensationalism.

As a hard-core F1 fan, Iíd give it 4 out of 5 stars.