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Originally Posted by BMRLVR View Post
I have gotten good service on the three cars I bought there....... One time I was disappointed with the service department but Shane the General Manager made it right.

I got a better deal from Edmonton BMW on my M3 than Calgary BMW offered me. Furthermore, a friend of mine that I referred to Edmonton BMW got a much better deal on his recent ED M3 purchase than Bavaria would offer. Bavaria was even going to charge him extra to set up the ED when there is no charge for the new program.

One of the main reasons that I don't like Bavaria is because they refuse to be an Individual dealer. Since they have been in the city for so long and most likely have a larger customer base in the area, there refusal to become an Individual dealer tells me they don't care about the customer. When I inquired about purchasing my car I was told by the manager at Bavaria they don't want to foot the cost involved in becoming an Individual dealer because they don't think they will sell enough Individual cars to justify it.

I understand that everyone is going to have their opinion on who is better and some people like dealing with one dealer while other people like dealing with other ones. That is why multiple dealers survive and if there was a definite best dealer out there only one would survive in an area.
You should pass along a sale contact Jamie and help everyone out and help your sales guy too.

But then again if you only get great service there and thats because you got several cars there then imagine what it like for a possible new customer.

Anyhow, glad you get good service there. I have not, on several occasions and IMOP it shouldnt take a call to the GM to fix a clearly obvious service issues there.

Did I tell you about my 3 hour oil change story? It still pisses me off.

Yeah that was the straw that broke the camels back.

On a lighter note saw another 1M yesterday, orange this time, nice car.