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Originally Posted by nuzey View Post
Sigh this really made my day worse. Thanks for confirming though. So nobody had this issue before? I thought sometimes the dealer flashed your unit back to stock when they try to diagnose any problem. Now I might just go back to stock. Do you happen to charge the customer again if this happened to them? I might want to get it flashed again lol. Really want to get that exhaust note back. I never know the difference between tune and stock is that noticeable
This can really happen anytime there is any problem. Example: my wife's 328ix had one headlight misaligned. They could not fix it with the computer. So they submit a PUMA case to Germany. They reflashed her entire car - everything. So even in the case of something simple, you may end up with your car getting programmed for 8 hours. Her programming actually failed a couple hours in, and they had to restart it - car was at the shop from 8-5. On the plus side, she got cool new navigation software : )

I have a evolve tune and some custom coding I did myself. I always know there is a chance I will have to re-do the work if the dealer needs to reflash the car.