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Originally Posted by The CSL View Post
You know why BMW will always be ahead of Audi? Simply because they create a balanced, RWD chassis that they can tune to perfection for their performance cars. Audi design their platforms as FWD and add the Quattro for the performance model. The packaging is just all wrong, conceptually on Audi's cars, compared to BMW's. Even with this new, longer nose, it still doesn't move the engine far enough away from the front axle line and having it transverse across the front will mean that the weight is sat there, in between the wheels, whereas in the BMW, the engine's weight is spread out along a section of the car's length. This will always be the better engineering and more importantly, driving aspect.
Firsts answer - R8 mid engine design. Everything being equal, mid engine vehicles have better handling dynamics than front engine or rear engine designs. That is why the Cayman is Porches best handling car. Porsche keeps it underpowered so it doesn't step on the toes of the 997.
Answer # 2. The RS4 is an amazing car and the current performance king in it's class until the new M3 can prove otherwise.