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Originally Posted by IamJoe View Post
My wife ordered the "kit" from amazon. Are you saying that amazon is selling out dated kits? I may cancel the kit and order the camera and the 50 1.4.

Sorry to get caught up in the semantics of what "kit" means. The 28-135 was initially a standalone lens that was later offered along with some Canon camera bodies as a kit. The 18-55IS was developed explicitly as a kit lens to be included with most inexpensive Canon DSLRs. The 55-250IS was developed a bit after the 18-55IS to complement the shorter lens, but uses the same materials and technology (and at similar cost). Though the 28-135 is an older lens Canon didn't start offering it in kits until relatively recently - well after the introduction of the 18-55IS.

I'll echo what others have said: If you are getting a particularly good deal on the combo of 7D and 28-135 then you might as well get it and sell the lens later. It's not an awful lens - it's just that I believe some more recent lenses are better and cheaper. I will say, though, that lots of folks eventually sell the 28-135s out of their kits and this has depressed the price in the used market. Asking prices around $300 may be common, but I wouldn't count on actually getting more than something in the low $200's these days. By comparison, the 18-55IS can usually be found used for $80-100 and the 55-250IS for $150-200.