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Originally Posted by m3convertdriver View Post
i definitely did not consider a e90 because I wanted something bigger post having my droptop. That said, I dont think it's a bad idea and plenty of people have kids with small cars.

Specifically, regarding your question of "what makes you need an X in NY?" I dont have to defend myself to you on why I think I need a bigger car. If you must know, my wife and I have a summer home a few hours away and it's impossible to fill everything in my convertible. SO I wanted something bigger. I rarely actually drive my car within NYC (most people here dont), and use it for weekends and vacations.

My question for you is what makes you think you need an M3 in the an island smaller than connecticut?
That does make a bit more sense, but I would still try to keep the M3 using something like a roof rack to pack up, but that's just me, and I understand your decision.

To answer your question, PR might be smaller than Connecticut but it has a whole lot more road density than the US and probably more road density than Connecticut, so there's quite a few roads to drive on, many of them mountain roads.