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Thumbs up Ban New Users From Starting Threads

tl;dr: I think we should make it so that you require at least 5 posts before you start a thread. Your first post being a question that already has been answered many times is getting stupid.

I know it sounds extreme, but we're seeing a ridiculous amount of rude new users with no respect for the large amount of information that already exists on the forum, and then think that they're entitled to just sit there and have all this information thrown at them instead of going out to look for it. It's really irksome, as so many people have collectively put in a lot of effort to have so much beneficial information made available to people as long as they can be bothered to look at STICKY's or .

I think it's a shame that people actually help these rude bigots (I myself am guilty of this) and therefore these people take advantage of this and take this for granted. I think it's worse when you have people with only 1 post who get angry at people telling them to run a search for information that's already available, when they are the ones being rude by not bothering to search and instead beg for information and shit on people who have contributed elsewhere.

I think, in other words, that, like the PM system and the signature system, new users should be required to have a specific amount of posts before starting a thread. I think this would encourage new users to try searching before posting a topic that has been discussed ad nauseum.