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Ok I am confused. You are that young with those cars? Not hating, but it is odd to have over 200k worth of cars at 22!! Are you 22? Are those your cars?

That is conflicting info. So are you 22? 17? an Entrepreneur after 7 months of posting that response?
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In one post he claims his parents bought the X5M, and in the other he claims he bought it... Oh, and 7 months ago he was 17 and now he is older than 22.... He needs to get his stories straight.
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Maybe a new username is in the works after getting called out again.
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I highly doubt any of the cars are his. He probably just takes them for joy rides. The CLS is probably his fathers. Nothing wrong with driving daddy's car but, the least you could do was be truthful about it. Now a days, parents are buying BMW's for their children because well, the 3 series is so cheap to lease.
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Seriously. At least cover up your tracks if your are gonna try to make us believe what you want us to believe. Well now that this is said and done, tell us the car that you really own without passing off your parents' cars are yours.
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O_O busted
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And BMWM3 ..I will be filing a harrasment suit against you and/or charges. See you in court very very soon. Thanks.. Have fun with your nonsense.