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Originally Posted by The1 View Post
a 50mm 1.4 would be good for you if that's what you're used to, it will give you about an 85mm focal length because of the crop sensor, it will be good for the portrait type of stuff you're talking about.

otherwise, something between 24-35mm as a prime would be nice for you, and maybe an 85mm 1.8 prime would be a good option too.

but again, if you're used to a 50 prime, just stick with that.
Originally Posted by Chewy734 View Post
yeah, what Reed just said. If you're used to 50mm, stick with that. I also recommend the f/1.4. For me, the 50mm was too close on a cropped body. But, ever since I've moved to FF, it's on the camera most often. But, my recommendation is to go with whatever you're used to.
Thanks for the recommendations. Just found out that not only is it the camera but it includes the 28-135mm f/3.5-5.6 IS USM Standard Zoom Lens. Is this worth keeping? For sure I will be getting 50 1.4!