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Originally Posted by SehrSchnell View Post
I somehow fail to see the big deal here... Sound like you have a bad sensor (no big deal.. I'm rocking one right now myself ), and you need your car flashed again. What's the big bummer here?
No biggie, just frustrated, wanted to tell you guys dealerships can detune your car to stock and if they need an extra day, say no! lol. I also wanted to hear what Mike has to say about the issue.

Originally Posted by gthal View Post
Hi Mike. Your input is appreciated, especially considering you know more than 99% of us here on this issue. I do have a question. You seem very confident that the dealer would not find evidence of a tune. Why is it that both Evolve and ESS have suggested that if there was a major issue with the engine and BMW investigated that they would be able to detect a tune. Maybe the distinction is that the dealer could not find it unless they had BMW involved? Anyway, if you could clarify it would be appreciated as other tuners don't seem to be as confident (or at least won't put it in writing here) that you would never have a warranty issue.
I vaguely remember how but I think he does it differently than other tuners out there. Something about detuning it to unlock BMW ECU before doing the flash is what most tuners do which is traceable