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Originally Posted by radiantm3 View Post
Do you play with a 900 degree wheel? Because GT5 is the most realistic console sim on the market by far. It's just not the same without a proper wheel. I agree that it does feel clinical and the menu system is one of the worst things ever.
I have a power wheel but GT5 is not a sim. It pretends it is, and does a great job pretending. I believe it's classified as semi-sim.

I really forced myself to try to like GT5 as a long time PS3 and GT fan. I dont even have an xbox because I've been with PS3 and GT since the first of both. But man, that game gets dull really fast. I think it may have to do with the fact that I expected so much more to come out of 7 years of development. What the HELL did they do for 7 years??? Only a handful of cars even have the new graphics, the rest are crap graphics. Only a select few cars can be race modified, thats nonsense. There is not even a brake upgrade and all the cars get the same mods.

Maybe it was the expectation that killed it for me.

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