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mact3333 said:

Originally Posted by mact3333 View Post
I am going off to vomit now...
And this is the vomit that came out:

Originally Posted by mact3333 View Post
11, I am not superior to the majority of the people on here, but I do know I am superior to you cause your mind is closed and you follow doctrine just like a sheep... everyone on here can clearly see it...its obvious...

I can be wrong about alot of things but I keep my mind can try to label me all you want but I dont follow party lines but you would know exactly what i believe , cause you know everything right?...

Out of all the people that post on here you are the most dangerous cause you are closed minded, know it all, google searchin to prove your liberal point, die hard liberal who cannot accept that you are being used...everything you say on here perpetuates the problem and essentially exemplifies the division in our is meant to be this way.

I hope you remember some of my ludicrous and inane comments yrs from a way I kinda feel sorry for you.

In the end, I think you get so emotionally charged on these threads cause deep inside, you know something isnt quite right in the world(beyond usual politicking) cant quite put your finger on it though...well all you have to do is has never been about the repubs, demo's or even tea has always been about the super-haves and the have nots and it will always will be about that...: rolleyes:

It was so easy to predict your response, and you rose to the occasion exactly as I predicted in my post. This is just more of how I'm the bad guy, and you are so superior. Now wipe your mouth off. I'd love to swap insults all day, but your content-free ban-bait 100% personal attack posts are boring.

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