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Originally Posted by mact3333 View Post
"they" continue to win......the two party system is a joke..a system to put on the facade as we have choice...we dont.
...if you follow the doctrine of a single party you are not thinking for are then a sheeple...if you truly have your own opinions, you will be independent of parties that stigmatize and label you and close your mind.
...people need to respect each other and be as one in order for society to prosper......I am commenting on the hatred and disgust I am seeing on here
Being that we live in a uniquely spread-out melting-pot country, our national politics has become very 2-party-ish, name-recognition oriented, sound-bite laden, and abhorrently expensive. These are all bad for electing good people, but that's the way it is.

Everyone in this forum favors and espouses a particular ideology; so do you - the libertarian-not-dem-or-repub party. Don't pretend to act superior because of your "enlightened independence", I too express my own thoughts, not just the mantra of a party. As I've said before, I'm part libertarian, part democrat, and part conservative. I was somewhat strict raising my kids, I observe traditions of my religion, and I feel people need more self-control and self-reliance. I believe in personal freedom and choices, particularly when it comes to making law from religious beliefs.

I started posting in this sub-forum after I saw several people saying blatantly hateful and false things about Obama. I personally don't care if anyone agrees with my ideology, I'm not a political missionary. I just don't like seeing people lie and twist facts.

But many people here can't just see the other point-of-view, or accept that people can disagree. The idea that Obama has spent his entire life preparing to get where he is, so he can destroy the US and become the anti-christ, is something that's got to stop.