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Originally Posted by Joey View Post

As for the flame....I accidently had 87 in my M3 once. In fact, it was last week. I just made an honest mistake, and hit the pump all the way to the left, rather than all the way to the right and filled her up with 87, the tank was bone dry and didnt even realize it till I actually drove the car and was getting some hesitation.

I thought I was nuts, but it kept happening when I went to floor it.

Still scratching my head, I was about to schedule a trip to the dealer. Fortunately for me, I have to save my gas reciepts and there you have it, I filled it with 87 2 days prior.

I drove it out on the highway (and got a little LESS MPG than normal, and I wasnt romping it) filled it up with 93 and the car was fine.
87 and HOT weather (FL) will do exactly this - retard timing to degree that you will notice. Good post.
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