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Roll up at 4:10... smoke at 4:20

From the article, what I gathered is that they aren't simply granting amnesty. It is just a slow down to allow for a more hands on approach for each case. If someone is a violent criminal, they are getting deported. But if someone has been living in this country for years and have held down a job without committing a crime, they will be given the opportunity to stay. Whereas, before they were immediately deported.

I would venture a guess this is to try and keep those who are hard working an honest and toss out the "bad apples".
I agree, they are definitely taking a live and let live attitude towards hard working honest folks with deep ties to their community here in the US. And they are doubling down on going after aliens who commit crimes in the US. They actually already have been doing that, and getting results. The statistics are very clear, Obama has deported way more criminals then previous administrations.

Just to be clear, the DNS rarely has the right to deport anybody without the person they are deporting first being allowed to contest the deportation in a court of law. They also have the right to appeal. And to appeal a failed appeal, etc. This chews through a lot of DHS resources, is very expensive, and we have to pay to feed and house many of these people sometimes for years. The folks who have held down a good job, or are in College and have community ties are exactly the people who cost the DHS the most to deport, and take the longest, because they fight the hardest and can pay for lawyers. Releasing them on a Federal Gov't Immigration Bail Bond is a good solution, because it means their presence in the US is now documented and registered. We have biometric data, trackability, and they are required to maintain contact with the gov't or lose their bond. They aren't handing these people citizenship, they are releasing them on bond.

On the other hand, people without money or community ties, and anyone who has committed a minor crime are usually the quickest to be deported, because they agree not to contest their deportation.