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"they" continue to win...people need to wonder the govt wont tell us the "truth"...we cont to fight and the MB is a microcosm of society and how it seperates people...they divide us to keep the hamster wheel going...the system is rigged...try to see the big picture...the two party system is a joke..a system to put on the facade as we have choice...we dont.

Yeah I know many of you will start with the "youre a deranged idiot" talk...but I dare any one of you mofo's to actually take the time to look at what I have said in the past...if you follow the doctrine of a single party you are not thinking for are then a sheeple...if you truly have your own opinions, you will be independent of parties that stigmatize and label you and close your mind.

Keep laughing people but within the next 10-20 yrs you will be amazed and shocked at the technology thats out there right now that nobody is talking about...fighting about politics is mundane, silly and counter-productive...people need to respect each other and be as one in order for society to prosper...yeah keep laughing but one day you will see what I am talking about...if it isnt the depression it will be some 1/1000 natural disaster or something else...politics will be the last thing on your mind.

They laughed at me in 2005 when I said real estate was going to crash, in 2008 when I said the mkts were going to will laugh now also cause it is human nature to do so.

So what does this have to do with DHS/deportation??...nothing...I am commenting on the hatred and disgust I am seeing on here, and believe me, I veritably accept I have partaken in it also.

I am going off to vomit now....