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You see, it's the principle of the whole thing...
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Originally Posted by stega View Post
Awd/4wd Sucks...

What? AWD does not suck. I had 4 Subaru STIs in a row (03,06,09,11) that all handled on rails. The TQ you get out of the hole is unreal compared to RWD.

AWD is more planted, faster out of the hole, and just as fun if not more fun to slide sideways as a M3. Plus, most AWD cars have a adjustable center diff to make the car more RWD bias.

OP, go with what car makes you happier. They are both awesome cars. I love my 2011 ZCP M3, but the lack of torque in my M3 that my 35K STIs would give me really bums me out.

Good luck with your choice!