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Originally Posted by 'Cane View Post
Because he has a book he wants to sell. He is a criminal that needs money. He has already tried extorting players and that didn't work.
What's really funny is had he not been arrested or needed the money. The truth may never have come out. But because of those reasons, you believe it is a compelling enough argument to deny the allegations.

There isn't a single school in D1 sports that doesn't break the rules. Some are more active than others. As far as I am concerned, they are all just waiting to get caught at this point.

Miami is as guilty as USC or OSU.

Snitches/whistle blowers more often than not have a motive. But it doesn't make what they have to say any more or less credible. What it does do, is give people like yourself 'cane an opportunity to deny based on his character. While averting attention away from the obvious problems with how athletes are being handled at Miami.

Miami Alums are now going after the writer from Yahoo. It is insane. College football fans are hilarious.
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