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Originally Posted by shift@red View Post
A 4S is still a sharper more precise tool than the M3 and despite having the penalty of AWD weight, its still lighter than the M3.

The AWD in dry weather puts 100% power to the rear and even when power is applied to the front wheels, you will always have a significant rear wheel bias. 911s are the best feeling/handling AWD cars out there.

OP, you should get a Porcshe, great cars, you can beat on them daily and they keep on running.

Repair cost will be about the same as new M3 if the car is out of warranty. Maintenance is same cost as well. You do oil changes once every 6 months.

Upgrades will cost you just as much or more depending what you buy as you would on a M3.

AWD is awesome, on any car, snow or rain or dry weather.

The only downside IMO, is working on a car your self. Engine bay is crammed and many things have to be done from underneath on a lift.