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Originally Posted by gixxer_kidd View Post
Guys, why are you polluting this thread with this kit vs that? When you meet on Sunday you should bring a ruler and measure who has a bigger cack and be done with it!

Drew, looking forward to more updates of your build bro!
Wanna join us ? haha
Originally Posted by biglare View Post
JFC... keep this thread on topic. If some AA folks want to brag about their kits then start a new thread. Stikky is worthless, again start a new thread.

This thread is about Drew's fricken amazing ESS Stage 3 build and full disclosure while doing so. This is something that no others have done. Talk is cheap, but full documentation speaks massive volumes! I cannot wait to see NEW THREADS to compare this final product. Yes, NEW THREADS to compare this ESS Stage 3 to other S/C cars!

Oh, and Happy Friday everyone!!!
I agree ,lets see what happens sunday and keep this thread for the build plz !