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Hope longs acted on my warning the other night that the mkts looked like it was prime for selloff which we have now seen...downside target was 1100ish SPX...ES hit 1117 which is close enough to start accumulating longs slowly...cycle work says we bottom for int term either today or by ed of next eed to act all at once but should accumulate slowly...also, the only true bull mkt right now is gold and silver...never ever lose your core position in the metals whether its pper metal or real metal.

Dont fall for the rah rah GOOG is cheap at 430, 550, 300 crap...stocks trade according to the need to know the trend the actual mkts will trade...mkts dont trade on news over int and long term(but will respond on very short term basis)...mkts will do what they were meant to do and news other than QE2,3 etc will have minimal bearing.

Best strategy ihmo is to keep your base metal positions, the slowly accumulate long positions over the next week...but dont forget the rally we will see is a bear mkt rally and I dont think we will go much higher than 1230-1250ish level.

Lastly, I have called many short term and intermediate term bottoms and tops on here but I have very minimal participation on here...I truly am just talking to myself it would appear...unless I get some passive or active participation in this thread, I will stop posting and this thread will be allowed to die.