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IMO, the latest Need For Speeds have some of the best force feedback I have ever experienced in any game. It is not just a bunch of power to weight ratios like Gran Turismo, in the latest Need for Speeds' Porsche's feel like Porsche's and BMW's feel like BMW's etc. The rebound especially is impressive as you can really feel it individually right and left, front and rear. I recently picked up Dirt 3 and on Professional settings is also very fun, especially if you are into e30 Rally racing. Professional really allows the tail to slide out and excessive tire spin will slow you down through the corners. I purchased the game for the M3 specifically(as I only play games with good amounts of BMW's in them. My passion for racing was with many brands(i.e. Porsche, Ferrari) but after being alive for these 21 years I have been able to drive some amazing road cars, after owning a few cars on my own, and crashing in one, BMW is the only brand I care to drive in a game or in real life.)...the game is a blast and really captures that rally experience better than any other rally game out there(if there are any) lol I can only highly recommend either game. Shift 2 has some awesome BMW's this time around as well, and I am impressed. 135i/M1/M3 3.0 CSL/E30 M3/E36 M3/E46 M3/ E92 M3/M6(current)/M3 GT2 updated from the Shift 1 version. They have made this car even better! Damn, am I bored at work! Pumped to get home, burn up, and race that PS3 system into a fever.
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