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Originally Posted by akh23456 View Post
So whenever you guys race someone you ask them 6 mt or Auto? and if their auto you don't race because its not "fair".lol

So your saying when i race M33 i will lay a smack down because dct can over come 90 more horses? So if we know the outcome already why even race.

AA does reduce redline btw.
Whenever I'm racing for pinks, of course..... For example, I pulled next to this guy in a civic, which had 11" slicks in the rear, full roll cage, paracute on the back, massive wing, lowered, bunch of stickers, and was wearing a helmet. He rolls his window down, I ask..."Excuse me sir, do you have a manual or automatic transmission." I know not to race someone who has a different transmission. He says, "Manual you newb." I stare back in anger and say, "If I only had my friend's manual...I would so take you..."

[wakes up from dream]