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Originally Posted by rgrovr View Post
Ah the internet.. a place where we talk to each other in no other fashion as if we were face to face.

Its hilarious especially when you see each other at car meets and people of all persuasions are really cordial and then they leave, get on the forums and call the same cat a "cretin", "nazi", or "racist" if you didn't know their forum name.)
Originally Posted by rgrovr View Post
As for the topic.. Illegals are illegals, don't parse the law. Its shameful for the people who wait 8-10 years to get a VISA and then wait another 6-8 years to file for citizenship and do it the right way.
Agreed. And if certain people-hatersbothered to inquire, they'd see that democrats are divided on the illegal issue. Actually some repubs, too. Some just want them out, some want to first document them, some liken it to the futile "war on drugs", acknowledgeing that they do work that Americans won't (or that employers don't want to pay legal wages for). Then there's the issue of the anchor babies.

It's a complex situation. If there was a simple "republican" solution, Bush would have done it during 2001-06.