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Originally Posted by prodigymb
Zim - didnt your car dyno like 90whp more then
Ak's car and my friends Alexs car. How does it make sense that
3 cars are trapping 120mph give or take 1-2mph. Even with
issues i thought your car would be closer to 130range at that
power level...
It doesn't mean much to compare a DCT to 6MT (sorry Akh). For
starters the gears are different. The DCT has 7 speeds, and the
6MT has 6 speeds. A DCT will slaughter any 6MT both in trap
and elapsed time.

Don't buy Sticky's BS that trap speed is all horsepower and isn't
affected by shift speed or gear ratios. PG put the nail in
Stickky's coffin beyond any shadow of a doubt with this research:

Here's a video PG put together for me just to demonstrate what
happens to near equal cars: DCT vs. 6MT. This is a vBox Racer
video of two ESS VT2-625 cars running against each other at the
drag strip. In this video, the 6MT actually has more horsepower
and is running in lower density altitude, and lower octane gas
than the DCT. The 6MT has 594whp, the DCT has 586whp. The 6MT
running in 331 density altitude, and DCT is running in 921
altitude. The 6MT is running 93 octane, the DCT is running 95
octane (but was also running 95 octane at the dyno). So no
how you look at it, the 6MT had every advantage in its favor.
in spite of it, look what happens.

FYI, vBox Racer is a program PG put together to campare and race
cars based on their vBox files. The program converts each car's
vBox files to video and then shows what would happen if they
actually raced each other. The cars, race, speeds are perfectly
to scale. So when a car appears 1 car-length ahead in the video,
it really is 1 car-length ahead in the race.

In the race above, the DCT demolishes the 6MT in every way
possible. In spite of a horsepower and density altitude
disadvantage, the DCT beats the 6MT by 15.6+ car lengths, 1.364
seconds, and 8.955 MPH. So the next time you see somebody try to
compare a DCT to 6MT and tries to tell you they are equal, just
show them this video.

For more proof, look at this vBox Racer video. The last race in
this video is Drew's car vs. mine racing 60-130 MPH. Even though
I have more HP that Drew, I get slaughtered in the race just like
Zim got slaughtered in the drag race above.