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Originally Posted by ScotchAndCigar View Post
This type of talk is the problem with this country. You've joined the ranks of the nazis, the kkk, and Sarah Palin. How you think you have the capacity to "debate" is beyond me.
Whatever. It's mind over matter when it comes to lightweights like you. I don't mind 'cause you just don't matter. I know why you put so much into boards like this--it's because no one in the real world will engage with you for more than five seconds.

BTW--you forgot to call me a racist. I miss that. Please do try to keep up with lib/dem talking points.

America, real America, is sick of you and your weaselly, equivocating, relativist brethren. The only thing that will keep the next election from being a record-setting avalanche is the quality of the republican candidate.