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The first salvo cracked me up. BMW simply lost its way through the years. Vehicle produced during boom times are typically larger with larger displacement and more horses, as do vehicles produced during recession that are more efficient and lighter in weight. It was all about the muscle cars during the 60-70s but all changed during the oil crisis, at which point Japanese were able to gain a foothold with their more efficient design and started a trend towards smaller cars in the 80s. The original M3 was a superb car because of its light weight, great chasis, and feedback compared to its larger displacement rivals.

BMW got caught up in corporate growth, pumping up revenues, expanding line up to please shareholders and management types and lost what made it great. (Like many others: Toyota, Starbucks...) Pushing more hp out of an engine is a lot easier to researching and discovering new materials or reuse of old material for less weight. It's interesting to point out those companies, like Lotus, who stayed small but remain true to its core values. We will see if BMW is able to return to its true values, not just following the herd because EPA require it to.

Car designs follow the economic cycle, though a lagging indicator. In a decade or two we will be back into power wars.
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