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Originally Posted by ttt View Post
That's not very confidence inspiring. Did anyone from PFC ever get back to you? Have you noticed the same issue with other PFC rotors? I'm curious about this issue, because I'm considering getting the PFC rotors as well.
The customer service from PFC has been horrendous. It took months to get any type of call back from them just to have a dialogue about the fitment. You'd think if a company heard that someone was having an issue with their rotors they would want to get to the bottom of it.
After I convinced PFC that they were not installed improperly because the alignment pins only allow for installation in one orientation, there responses were as follows:

"The engineers at Performance Friction have determined that the spindles (hubs) are not "OEM" from the factory, even though, they still may be the original ones that came on your car, or some type of aftermarket spindles. There was a slight change and these do not correctly fit the PFC hats. Their suggestion was to source or have some centering rings fabricated to aid in keeping the hat tight around the hub."

I replied saying that I bought the car with 0 miles on it and have not changed the hubs. My OEM wheels, 2 sets of aftermarket wheels and 2 sets of oem rotors fit the spindle just fine. Also worth noting is that the part numbers for the rotors and hubs have not changed from 08 +

PFC's response: as I’ve said it is obvious that there has been a model year change. We currently do not make the exact hat to fit this application. Possible in the future."

It's disappointing that a company that markets their products as having high tolerances (and charges a premium for it) has such poor fitment on my car. By my measurement, the center hole on my PFC rotors are approx .5mm larger than my oem rotors. While this is small variance, it makes it impossible to perfectly center the rotor which causes vibration at freeway speeds that feels like an imbalanced wheel. When you spin the rotor by hand, you can see it moving in a slight elliptical pattern. I've been running cheapo centric rotors for about 10 years on other track cars and never experienced any fitment issues like this.
At any rate, I just sent the rotors back to PFC last week for inspection so we'll see where that goes. I'll keep everyone posted. For now, I'd stay away from these. Tirerack actually sells Centric rotors for the e9x M3 now, but only drilled. They said that they will eventually carry standard non-drilled. Perhaps those are the better option for us. Too bad, because I do like the design of the PFC rotor.