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Originally Posted by JEllis View Post
Okay, the Bangle designed cars of today are all based on concepts like the Z9 which showed itself at the Paris Auto Show in 2000. The new 6 series and 3 series have design cues heavily routed in concepts like the Z9. A lot of car designs today look similar becuase the whole world is copying BMW, not the other way around.

Extremely well said! My slow underpowered E36 M3 puts a smile on my face everytime I drive it. I even plan on keeping it when my E92 M3 arrives. Driving experience is very subjective and I just dont think Audi has what it takes yet. Audi is making huge leaps forward but 55/45 is not 50/50 and everything else being equal, semi balanced AWD is nothing compared to balanced RWD.

I will say that Audi is for sure trying to dethrone the M3 but I dont think it will happen this generation. Cars have enough power now that upping another 100Hp can hurt a car as much as it can help. The difference between 400Hp and 500Hp is not the same as 200Hp and 300Hp. My point, driving experience, handling, and braking are going to start taking a front seat to power figures. Especially in a world where you can get Ferarri like performance from a Mitsu or Subie.
One of the many reasons I can't wait for my lease to end. I'm not saying Audi is the best car out there, but some of these people think BMW is the be all end all of cars. And how does the Z9 look anything like the Nuvolari???
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BMW, please get rid of the RFT's and give us a spare tire!

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