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Originally Posted by VVG View Post
Has anybody thought about just going back to smaller cars. The 1M is larger than the E30 M3. Look at how big the 5 and 7 series have gotten. If you combine new efficient engine technology with new lighter materials technology AND make cars smaller like they used to be, just imagine what you could accomplish in terms of fuel economy, emissions, and all aspects of performance. I still don't fully understand why manufacturers continue to make cars bigger and bigger. I thought the e39 M5, for instance, was very nicely sized. Why did it have to get so much bigger?
100% correct. I have no idea why vehicle size has continued to increase over the e46/e39/e38 generation. Those cars were correctly sized to the usage requirements for nearly all buyers (if not a little on the large size), but with the continued ballooning of vehicle size & girth at each level things have become absurd to the point that a large number of components are required to be aluminum or composites to meet the performance metrics of the vehicle.

My old e46 m3 fit everything from mountain bikes to multiple snowboards all while providing passengers with adequate space, comfort, and safety. IMO the 3 series should never have grown larger or heavier than that chassis.
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