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"Be The Best of the Best"

Originally Posted by SehrSchnell View Post
No, the stroker will give you 502 hp, once you add the x-pipe, exhaust, etc.. you'll be around 537... Having said that, I was about to pull the trigger on the stroker and decided to go with the ESS SC kit... saved tons of money, and got additional goodies...
Agree - really, the Dinan 4.6 Stroker seems like it is the "Stuff" for a NA power-plant, but pricey and messing with something which is already optimally tuned, even though it is a Dinan ?). Plus, the stock is "perfect as is." But, still just want to "beat any" of the other, comparable "stock" competition (C63, GT-R, yet alone the soon-to-be "Black" C63 coupe - Ouch !). IMHO, the big-three: (1) quality, (2) handling and (3) build of the M3 is "THE BEST" (No Question!). The flat-out, raw power (HP & NM) is where we are lacking - therefore, if money were secondary (which it never is ), what would you do: Dinan mid-exhaust/Dinan Tune/Dinan Intake vs Arkapovic/MS Intake/Dinan Tune, +/- 3.45 FD with either, or Dinan 4.6 Stroker? "BE THE BEST OF THE BEST" - What's your vote?