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Originally Posted by prodigymb View Post
Zim - didnt your car dyno like 90whp more then Ak's car and my friends Alexs car. How does it make sense that all 3 cars are trapping 120mph give or take 1-2mph. Even with traction issues i thought your car would be closer to 130range at that power level...
I'm not nearly as technically savvy as the gentlemen in this discussion, but I would like to point out that AA redlines their SC cars at <8100 rpm, while ESS keeps theirs at 8400 rpm and some of the guys on here have custom ESS software that raises their redline to 8700 rpm and higher. Since the S65 engine horsepower delivery keeps climbing at the top end to redline, it is only logical that the higher redline ESS set-ups would show higher dyno results. But because in the real world that extra bit of redline is rarely used - and beceuse the AA kits seem to have a higher torque curve - the AA cars match up well with their ESS counterparts at the track/strip.
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