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OK DONT Flame me for this one, but it will be helpful....dont yell at the 91 Oct guys, in some states, that is the best you could get. I think the ONLY thing I liked about living in Philly is that the Sunoco had Ultra 94, I would always put that in my E36 when I lived up there 10 years ago.

In FL, we can get 93, I will only use Shell or Chevron so I think they are the best.

As for the flame....I accidently had 87 in my M3 once. In fact, it was last week. I just made an honest mistake, and hit the pump all the way to the left, rather than all the way to the right and filled her up with 87, the tank was bone dry and didnt even realize it till I actually drove the car and was getting some hesitation.

I thought I was nuts, but it kept happening when I went to floor it.

Still scratching my head, I was about to schedule a trip to the dealer. Fortunately for me, I have to save my gas reciepts and there you have it, I filled it with 87 2 days prior.

I drove it out on the highway (and got a little LESS MPG than normal, and I wasnt romping it) filled it up with 93 and the car was fine.
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