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Originally Posted by Z K View Post
I road in a LS1 powered Miata before and the overall feeling was OMG WTF I am going to die. The rear end starts burning rubber with every shift and it hops like a maniac all over the road. Corner, step on the gas with the stock Miata wheels and you go spinning real quick.
Thats just plain silly to run with stock wheels (what is it 195 rubber???). With 275's I have no problems managing grip. It's still a challenge feathering the throttle out of a corner just like any high HP/weight car but not like what you described. Keep in mind 275's are bigger than the 245/265 rubber thats on my m3!

When I did the swap wheels, tires, brakes, and suspension was all done at the same time. Anyone who thinks they can get away with just an engine swap and be able to run it well at the track is kidding themselves.

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How much are you selling the miata. PM me pricing please. Thanks!
PM sent!