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Finally happy with audio... what I did, and some thanks

Hi all,

For those that have followed my (mis)adventures to get the sound I wanted in my car... here is the final scoop:

A-I'm extremely happy with the whole setup.

B-What I got in the end: Since I have the HiFi Premium/Individual Series Audio I kept the speakers and OEM amp but changed the following:

- 2x SWS 8X (4-Ohm) subs to replace OEM subs. Installed using jtsherri spacers.
- 1x Alpine PDX-F4 amp. It's setup to push 2 bridged (stereo subs) channels.
- 1x AudioControl LC2I unit + perfectly designed harness courtesy of Technic

The settings on the Alpine = no pass (let the OEM amp do its filtering), gain set to minimum.

Settings on the LC2I unit, 10% of the Accubass knob on, 45% of the Bass channel volume on.

C-Thanks to Jtsherri for making and shipping the spacers for me. Very big thanks to Technic who was patient enough to help me regardless of the initial mistake I made (my BMW adivsor told me I had the Logic7 system so I bought and installed BSW stage-1 speakers which are the wrong resistance (2Ohm instead of the necessary 4 Ohm))...

In regards to EQ settings... everything is set to default and it sounds perfect. No need for any fiddling anymore.

The only thing that could go a little better is if the LC2i could auto-detect remote on its own. Having to run a remote from the front of the car was a huge waste of time (and I want to cry everytime panels are opened as this leads to rattle sounds...).

Thanks again to all... now on to mechanical mods... Fabspeed X-pipe and catless pipes received and ready to install... ESS VT1-535 after that.