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Originally Posted by Wall$treet View Post
While I agree it is not financially a savings to really put 87 instead of 91/93 to save 3 dollars a tank, especially given you bought the car for performance and to get the max horsepower peak you need the highest octane.

However add this to the misconceptions of the internet world and you have to realize if you never redline the car to peak power than 87 will feel absolutely no different than 93 as it won't be knocking or pre-detonating under mild-moderate load conditions.

Now if it is hot out and you rev it past 8k than you will definetly feel a difference. Maybe this guy just does not get on the gas and in that case he is absolutely right that literally there is no difference in power.
You always post such stupid comments and this time i had to step in. You have no idea what you are
Rakning about. Saying that you wont notice * difference between 93 and 87 if you dont go to peak power is hilarious. I clearly notice * difference between 91 and 93. You dont need an m3 and have no feel for power