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Originally Posted by klammer View Post
Use 93 all the time, as an aside, if I use 100, will I notice a difference up top? Also have 110 to choose from (both at the track, not around the corner), will that make a difference? Or is it just overkill and unusable at that point? Insights would be appreciated
This thread is a good read regaring use of high octane gas:

In short, you may get more HP if you use 100 octane gas, but it's not as much of a difference than you would think. The problem is that BMW did not program and tune the engine for 100+ octane fuel. From what I've read, it seems that you may get more horsepower up to 100 octane, but you won't feel much of a difference than if you used 93 octane, which is what the car was really designed to use. More than 100 octane, and you might actually get less HP than using 93 octane.