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What do you think Obama will run on? He can't run on his agenda and what he's done because everything he's has been widely unpopular and a failure. So his other option is attacking republicans; how long would that last? He's a lost cause, I continue to wonder why the democrats don't want to have someone besides Barack Obama run against republicans in 2012.
Because everything you say is 100% bull!!! That's why.

He's the only president in like 50 years to actually pass some form of healthcare reform, which is something that Americans have been asking for, for decades, despite whatever you think.

He ended the recession, the stimulus worked fantastically, and all the large companies that were bankrupt when he took office are now doing great.

And as you know, your precious stock market is up 100% from its low in 2009.

He reversed a lot of the freedoms that were taken away by Bush, he pulled the troops out of Iraq, and, oh, he killed bin Laden.

He's vastly improved our relations with the rest of the nations, and, let's see...... oh I know - we haven't been attacked in this country during his presidency.

Anything else, genius?
Obama passed, jammed really, a hc reform bill that had on average 36-43% support nationwide. I mean in Massachusetts, the bluest of blue states, a republican won just so Obamacare wouldn't pass! Also, the stimulus was a failure and its support was in the low 30s if not less. He has put more soldiers into war than taken them out if you don't know; does Libya and sending 30k troops in 2009 in Iraq ring a bell? Improved our relations with other nations???? If you count bowing to dictators and such then fine but America and the world sees us as weak and incompetent. Obama didn't fix the markets, you think they would have continually gone down from their lows? Haha. You're wrong on everything. Oh, and he's also increased the debt by over 40% at the moment. He's a goner in the 2012 elections. Look at his approval ratings, from MSNBC and Rasmussen to Real Clear Politics, Fox, CBS, CNN, Rasmussen and others. You won't find his approval more than 44% at the most liberal of polls, something that should hint to you he's in trouble.