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Originally Posted by KingOfJericho View Post
Can those LED light systems put out enough light to support stony coral? I know I had to go HQI (Halides) and a chiller for my last setup but I would really love to avoid the cost and space of a chiller.

I own a store here in Pittsburgh and have sampled a few LED lights before making a decision on which one to stock. We ended up with ReefTech LEDs these are truly one of the best LEDs on the market right now. Go onto their website and under gallery you will see our display tank on there with 2 month growth shots. Some Acropora species have doubled in size during that time. We have these 2 of the prometheus LEDs running at 40% white over the 75 gallon. The PAR values are outstanding, and the light penetration is far better than Metal Halides. If any of you have any reef related questions please feel free to send a PM and ask.