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Originally Posted by mact3333 View Post
Just out of curiosity, why do you dislike Ron paul so much???...other than religion and abortion issues and crap like that, what other things(actually imp things) bothers you so much about Paul???
I'll bite.

Although I like many of his libertarian ideas, he's a non-starter. In other words, his ideas about dismantling the govt are so radical, they would never get anywhere in this country. Look at how hard it is just to make tiny little changes to spending, taxes, or govt programs. So he comes along and says, "let's put 95% of the financial burden on our states". It would be anarchy, except it wouldn't, because he wouldn't get congressional support for anything.

You see, unlike you, I'm not under the dome of propaganda that says democrats invented social programs/ entitlements, and that democrats want to expand these things, and are not concerned about fraud and waste. That's a myth. Truth is, there are just as many repubs who love their medicaire, social security, and veterans benefits, that I'm not deluded into thinking that I have to vote for some radical libertarian-republican, just to get the civil liberties that democrats have always upheld.